Blockking-20 MD Concrete Briquette Machine Manufacturing

20 MD concrete briquette machine manufacturing process was completed in our factory and transported to be delivered to the costumer. After shipping by sea, the concrete paving machine will be used by a Turkish company in Nigeria for the production of briquettes,paving stones and blocks .


The costumer has impressed with the quality of Conmach machinery of the products that will be produced by the machine. The concrete briquette mould and concrete Parquet mould of different measurement were processed from wear-resistant metal sheet plates and laser cutting benches and then installed. Concrete briquette machine, concrete paving machine and concrete pipe machine moulds are made in our factory in accordance with the standards and by using best materials


On the other hand, the 0.5m3 Mixer,conveyor belt, trolly and production palette that make up the machine components were produced in our own facilities with Conmach quality and guarantee and sent to Nigeria together with the concrete briquette machine. The mixer, Convoyer belt and trolly were designed in accordance with the conditions of use in the open air. The production pallets supplied by our company are made of oak wood and are suitable for long term use.