BLOCKKING-09MS Republic of Somalia

CONMACH has added to the list of machines it produces with the conmach BlockKing-09MS concrete blocks and paving Stones making machine, which was sent to the Federal Republic of Somalia in Africa. The installation of the machine was carried out in Garou by CONMACH technicians, professionals in their field. Conmach BlockKing-09MS is one of the most preferred models of concrete block making machines, one of the models of the machines without an automatic weighing system.


Installation work of Blockking-09MS concrete blocks making machine have been completed successfully. At the stage of installation and winding of concrete block making machine, a 5 m belt conveyor, a 0.15 m3 mixer, a block mold, a paving stone mold, a curb mold and a trolley used for the shipment of finished concrete products were also installed. After assembling the machine, the operator received all the necessary information about their daily, weekly, and monthly technical inspection and maintenance of the equipment.


Blockking-09MS concrete block making machine produces 20x20x40 cm (8") block 15x20x40 cm (6") block 10x20x40 cm (4") block I type 10x20 cm pavers and T-shaped pavers. Concrete block making machine, due to its affordable price, is exported to different parts of the world under the Conmach brand. You can get all the information about other models produced by Conmach by contacting us.