BlockKing-09MS Ghana-Garowe

The export of concrete blocks and paving stones making machines continues in 2021. Our team of technicians, who accelerated their work after installing mobile concrete batching plants and concrete blocks making machines shipped in the first days of the New Year, continued their work in Ghana. The installation of the BlockKing-09MS, one of the many models of our machines in Garowe, was carried out by our service team.  40ft container was used for transportation of the machine, in which a 15 m3 mixer, 2 belt conveyors, 7 moulds, 6 trolleys and 500 pallets were placed.

Concrete block making machine was delivered from the container directly to the construction site. The deepening according to the installation plan was done by our technical team at the installation site designated by our client. The machine was partially assembled and was waiting for the concrete to dry for final installation. The work required for the installation of the concrete block making machine was carried out with our maintenance team and employees of the buyer's company. With the completion of the installation, our technicians started mass production for operator training and testing of the concrete block making machine.

Our machine continues production of paving stones, curbs and blocks in Garowe. Our service team, which completed the installation work, has left Ghana. BlockKing-09MS has the following capacity - 3000 blocks 20x20x40 cm, 4000 blocks 15x20x40 cm, 5000 blocks 12. 5x20x40 cm, 6000 blocks 10x20x40 cm, 3000 curbs, 250 m2 of paving stones.