Concrete pipes machine



In this article we will tell you about the manufacturing process of Concrete Pipe machines. Рroduction of the equipment of Conmach company  performs  in three stages . Manufacturing preparation, start of manufacturing and post-manufacturing form. Pipe machine manufacturing preparation is the beginning of the control work. The smallest details of the agreement, customer requirement and compliance are taken into account. From the beginning of production the most qualitative materials are used, quality control, check of compliance to standards is made. Also, our company performs post-production control and inspection of all equipment.  The aim is to confirm the quality control and compliance with Turkish standards.


The stages of concrete pipes production are as follows. Into forms insert reinforcing cages, and then put on the bottoms of forms. After that the form is lowered into the lower part of the structure. The inner mould of the machine fills using a belt feeder or a spoon concrete paver, a concrete mixture is fed, which lies in an even layer over the entire surface of the mold. Loading of with concrete mix is carried out by spoon feeders, concrete pumps or concrete dispensers.  Then the outer mould of the concrete  pipes  machine is fixed using a crane. The outer mould has hooks at the bottom. Using these hooks, we mount the mould  base on the outer form. The inner mould is seated on a wedge with three motors. These motors give vibration to the mold. The completed vibration in the inner mould applies the same vibration in the outer mould. This vibration process ends and the seal is activated again for the smoothness of the bottom. After the successful completion of this process, the crane is activated to remove the outer mould and the pipe located in the inner mould. After the production is finished,  operators check the strength of concrete.